CUBA Pride World’s Exclusive Tour 9 Days
PrideWorld is proud to offer LGBT travelers the privileged opportunity to journey to these once forbidden shores on a fascinating people-to- people program in both Havana and colonial Santa Clara. You’ll discover the charms of this island nation and meet its people in a series of unprecedented visits.
This encounter with Cuba will bring you in-depth encounters with its past, present and future. From the social challenges gays face in Cuba, to meeting artists, dancers and musicians, to the magic spell of tropical nights and the grandeur and intoxicating pulse of Old Havana…this trip has it all. Meeting gay Cubans, understanding their challenges and achievements, learning what makes them tick and sharing your own experiences, is what CUBAN PRIDE! is all about. As you travel through this gorgeous country, you’ll make friends and discover the secrets of a proud, sensual and colorful land. ¡VAMONOS A CUBA! Bienvenidos al Orgullo Gay Cubano
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