Few places in the World can transport our minds to another place and another era. Here, in this land bordering the turquoise Aegean Sea, giant cities, magnificent temples and exquisite sculptures were fashioned from marble and alabaster 2500 years ago. But 21st century Greece is much more than ruins and columns. You will experience the romance of Athens; discover its taverns, its flying plates, its ouzo, its Zorba- like dances. Admire the wonders of Classical Greece at the new Acropolis Museum. Once in Mykonos, enjoy strolling in cosmopolitan Mykonos Town with its whitewashed houses. Discover the beautiful narrow streets with traditional shops and restaurants or little Venice with the famous windmills and a number of small chapels around nearly every corner. At Santorini, discover this mystical port where whitewash houses, blue doors, wooden windmills and flowering gardens frame ravishing seascapes. With PrideWorld, there is so much to see.   Welcome to Paradise, Welcome to Greece.
Greece PrideWorld’s Special A la Carte 9 Days   This special tour features - service a la carte - with private transfers and no groups. You will enjoy the pleasures that ancient Greece will provide with the tranquility, privacy and freedom of a journey first class.
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