Guam & Japan – an LGBTQ Adventure Pride World’s Exclusive Tour 9 Days
Leave it to PrideWorld, an IWorld of Travel Company, to bring you the perfect combination of a well known LGBTQ destination like Japan and an emerging destination - Guam! IWorld of Travel and Guam Visitors Bureau Announce Partnership for LGBTQ-Tailored Travel Experiences  READ MORE
Guam, “The Jewel of Micronesia” has a rapidly developing community including a Pride parade and celebration (if you’re traveling to Guam in June, don’t miss it!) All this plus welcoming people, beautiful beaches, great food, shopping and nightlife!  If you’ve “been there, done that” Guam needs to be next up on your travel agenda. Japan of course, needs no introduction. Beckoning LGBTQ travelers for decades, Japan’s unique traditional culture and modern city life offer an extraordinary experience for LGBTQ travelers.
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