Peru invites you to step aboard into a land of magic, colors, tastes... Start your journey in the cosmopolitan city of Lima- discover its palaces, temples and vice royal jewels.  Reveal the secrets of the Sacred Valley, passing by its colorful towns full of art, life and excitement.  Board the Hiram Bingham – the luxury Orient Express train from Cusco to the extraordinary ruins of Macchu Pichu.  Conclude your stay on the most unexpected and charming places in Cusco.  No matter where you will go, you will always have the best and finest. Make of Peru your distinctive, relaxing  and pleasurable journey. Make of Peru  a journey like no other.
PERU Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu 8 days   This dynamic tour gives you the opportunity to experience Peru at it’s finest. Explore it’s enigmatic archaeological sites, meet it’s kind and warm hearted people, delight yourself with one of the most exquisite and diverse cultures in Latin America... and doing it all in great style with PrideWorld.
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